La Lavanderaie de Marie

The Lavanderaie de Marie of the Source Parfumée holds a floral site where aromatic and medicinal plants. (140 different varieties).

Located on the path towards the Gorge du Loup, the Lavanderaie de Marie proposes panoramic view points of beautiful mountain ranges and of the colourful Mediterranean sea who were the source of inspirations of many artists.

In the heart of the Village of Gourdon, the discovery of the authentic distillery of the Source Parfumée, its Candle making and its charming museum.
A delightful discovery of Provence.


One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France
Gourdon is of ancient origin and the word Gourdon means “Mountain”. Because of its strategic geographical situation, the village often had to serve as a strong-hold. Built on an isolated rock, it was a shelter, a defensive place. Numerous traces bear witness to this : Oppidums,Roman roads and fortifications. Despite the Saracens invasions and the bloodshed resulting from the wars in the South of France, Gourdon has stood the test of time and remains one of the most appreciated visiting places in the region.