L’Azuréenne beer, a product of the Provencal sunshine and soil, tickles your palate with the flavors of the Mediterranean. Our high-fermentation craft beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized.

Some of our beers:

This amber beer is balanced and round on the palate, entrancing the taste buds with flavors of toasted grains.
Serve at 8-9° C

La Blonde
Our tasty and refreshing blonde beer is a fresh, delicious beverage for any time of day.
Serve chilled at 6-7° C


Red-label honey by Lautard Jean-Louis (Le Tignet), handcrafted jams, orange wine, olive oil (Les Mées, Nyons, Alpilles, from the Jacques Chibois’ Bastide Saint-Antoine, Champ Soleil in La Trinité), but also comestibles made from flowers: a range of rose, mimosa, jasmine, and violet syrups, flower jams, candied rose petals. There are also Bellet (Via Julia) and Saint-Jeannet (M. Rasse) wines, flower liqueurs, génépi from Méolans-Revel. And try the exquisite aperitif made with the Grasse rose: petals macerated in alcohol, sugar, and white wine.


General food trade with hot spot, newspaper sales, gas, alcohol, hygiene, drugstore, frozen and fresh products, fruits and vegetables, local cheeses, honey.

Open all year
Low season (October-May): 09h-12h30 and 17h-19h
High season (June-September): 8h-12h30 and 16h-19h

Closed on Monday afternoon and Tuesday in low season.

The Grocery of the Monts d'Azur welcomes the Cyclo Rando of the Monts d'Azur: Mountain bike rental, pedelec, sports equipment, hiking bookstore, food ..