Chapelle Moya , Chapelle Moya


The interior of the Saint Sébastien chapel in Le Mas, officially unveiled in October 2019, has been entirely decorated by Nice artist Patrick Moya.
On the inner walls and ceiling of this chapel, the artist has painted a mural that tells the story of the life of San Sebastian, a tale that resonates with the village’s history dating back to Roman times, as well as with the artist’s own world and his research in the realm of contemporary art.

The wall-to-wall work is a blend of sacred and secular: the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, the Hospitallers, the venerable family of Provençal nobles known as La Famille de Grasse, the Lérins monks, the American aviators hidden and protected by local residents during World War II.  Religious symbolism, clever nods to eras and events, quotations – everything is deftly incorporated, bathed in the same Mediterranean light, interpreted with the same poetry.

The Moya Chapel in video

To visit the chapel, contact the Le Mas town hall.


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