Domaine des Tilleuls d'Or

Elisabeth and Ronald are pleased to open you the door of the Domaine des Tilleuls d’Or in Saint-Cézaire sur Siagne (12 km from Grasse), overlooking the main alley of Florentine Cypress created by Jean MUS in the center of the olive grove dating back to the Monks of Lérins.
You will discover the bergerie dating back to the 18th century nestled in a cradle of Multi-century trees.
They want to share their life project focused on ecological transition and the relationship with nature as well as around well-being with energy care, fragrances and yoga.

Jewels & Perfumes - Poem Stones

Jewels & Perfumes - Poem Stones
by Olivier DURBANO...

As a child, our family fields were already such a rare playground, unusual and magical, from May roses to Jasmine bushes, a few grapevines, and eventually
the little pebbles I gathered. Fields, bundles of flowers and vials too, orange blossom, violet, tuberose, mimosa ..


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The virtues of this elixir, give meaning to the essential ..

Have a good time, let you rock the softness of the Elixir. For a fitness or simply the desire to make you pampered, the Elixir offers to take care of you, modeling, care, beauty ... the alchemy acts at the well-being space Elixir.