What more magical place than Grasse, with its matchless history as the perfume capital of the world, to serve as birthplace for the NANA.M range of designer perfumes ? Sourcing the savoir-faire of Grasse, a culture rooted in natural raw materials and the land, Céline Ripert, a professional perfumer working in a major Grasse-region enterprise, has created her own line of eight niche perfumes with distinctive olfactory signatures.



An unforgettable sensorial experience in the heart of the fields of flowers in Grasse and elsewhere.

You will be initiated to the many stages of the creation of a perfume : from the culture of the flower, to the harvesting, the history of perfumery, the production of the essences, the formula created by the “nose” to the Finished product : the Perfume.

Its originality : This moment is totally spent with a perfumer who will share with you his expertise and reveal the mystery of perfume creation.


House perfumer.

Specialist in interior perfumes, Lampe Berger set up his new shop on the Boulevard du jeu de Ballon.
Next to the lamps that have become iconic, this new 25m2 space will give special attention to the astonishing collection of scented bouquets by Parfum Berger.
A complete collection to purify indoor air, perfume qualitatively and durably, while decorating your home.


Discover the first shop CHO NATURE, installed in one of the most beautiful historic streets of Grasse, discover the universe CHO.

The genesis and DNA of CHO Nature

C. H. O. (pronounced C-H-O) Nature is first and foremost life and its four basic elements:
Carbon: memory, everything is memory, rituals, the transmission of knowledge.
Hydrogen: energy, those of the gestures and that given by the essential oils.
Oxygen: Life without him, no life, no breathing.
NITROGEN: Nature, N symbol of nitrogen, it is the preservation, the protection.

L'orangeraie & Jardin à la Provençale

Le Jardin à la Provençale :
At the Galimard Perfumery, the Provencal garden is a discovery of aromatic plants from the Pays de Grasse such as myrtle, thyme, lavender, rosemary, sage, verbena, broom, syringat ...

Scents to discover in our different creations.

The Orangery:
During a free and guided visit, a hostess will introduce you to the processes of distillation, during the visit of our perfume museum.
You will have the opportunity to discover our Orangeraie: from the flower to the perfume.

Le Mas des Pivoines

Country garden with very varied species, adapted to drought and -8 °. Particularity: 130 feet of various varieties of shrub and herbaceous peonies that begin to bloom around April 15 until the end of May.

This is the charm of a Grasse countryside of 1800, with its arbours, its calade, its pools.
The topography of the place has given a succession of different atmospheres: field of lavender, olive grove, masses of edges of perennials and unusual shrubs, and of course many roses.

Jardin des Orangers

Located at the foot of the wall of the city of Grasse, this garden was created in 1779 by Joseph Amable Arnouphle de Pontevès, the first owner of the site, and remodeled by the City in 1976.
Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghese, tasted the charms of her geometrically patterned parterres, her pond, her orange trees and her rose bower during a stay in 1811, when she was the host of the Amic family.

Jardin Parfumé Parfumerie Fragonard

We have gathered in this garden a collection of the most beautiful perfume plants that represent the olfactory heritage of Grasse, as well as other fragrant species whose cultivation and production take place in various countries of the world.

We invite you to start this fascinating olfactory journey during which your nose and your olfactory memory will be solicited.
Together, we will take a walk filled with history, botany and linguistics, because Latin reigns supreme in the field of plants!

Parfumerie Bouchara

The creators
A common passion...

Two emblematic successes (Théosiris and Eau de Grasse), creative spirit, attention to detail, irrefutable expertise as part of the family of great French perfumers: these elements and more make Guy Bouchara and Lynne truly uncommon creators. Each perfume bears their unmistakable signature. When you leave with a bottle of their fragrances, you take a part of them with you. A warm, exclusive welcome awaits you at Bouchara.


Historic downtown Grasse: Rue Marcel Journet and Place aux Aires