Confiserie Florian

Founded in 1949, the Confiserie Florian in the Gorges du Loup sits in a breathtaking setting beside the Loup River, in the lower hills of Grasse’s beautiful backcountry.
Decorated with antique furniture from the South of France dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, both Confiserie Florian locations, Nice and Le Pont du Loup, are a blend of tradition, refinement, and taste.

All year long, we welcome visitors from the around the world and show them how we make these delightful specialties of the South of France.


Set at the foot of the city of Grasse, the Moulin du Rossignol is one of the Alpes-Maritimes’ last oil mills still in operation. Visitors can discover its wonders on guided tours and during sampling sessions of the mill’s various products. Built in 1760 beside a stream known as “Le Rossignol,” the mill has been managed by the Giorgis family since 1932. Today, new, sophisticated machinery works alongside the granite millstones.


This modern mill, at the foot of the village, just celebrated its hundredth birthday. Yet it is at the cutting edge of oil-milling technology : no more millstones, no more palm-frond mats stacked to filter the oil, no more presses ; instead, a series of steel mixers that allow for streamlined, rapid production by centrifugation, in line with European standards.


Our mill in the Provençal countryside (15 minutes from Cannes and 10 minutes from Grasse) is a wonderful place to visit with family or friends, whether in summer or winter.

If you have the good fortune to come in the wintertime, you can tour the mill when the production season is in full swing and get an up-close view of how olive oil is made.

In summertime, you can enjoy our exceptional site and tour the mill; a video will show you the various steps of olive-oil production and you can taste our local specialties in the midday Riviera sun!


Come and taste our fresh Leonidas chocolates
LEONIDAS, the best chocolate 100% pure cocoa butter, come to your AUCHAN store in Grasse !!

LEONIDAS is more than 100 years of history of a family business with:
- more than 100 years of know-how in chocolate
- 100% pure cocoa butter
- 100% fresh ingredients
- 100% pleasure, happiness, sharing ...

Come discover our pralines available for all tastes, praline, ganache, creams, but also delicious macaroons, cakes of nougats, sugared almonds, ...!


"Intuition" ...
It's a sum of ideas, desires, inspirations, that Jerome wants to translate into each of his creations, and you share them ...

Since the age of 4, Jerome has always wanted to be a pastry chef. Born in a family where the taste of cooking and good things are very present, he is passionate immediately for the pastry and the creativity that results. He enjoys the associations of perfumes, the play of textures, shapes, colors ... the unlimited wealth of gluttony!


L’Azuréenne beer, a product of the Provencal sunshine and soil, tickles your palate with the flavors of the Mediterranean. Our high-fermentation craft beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized.

Some of our beers:

This amber beer is balanced and round on the palate, entrancing the taste buds with flavors of toasted grains.
Serve at 8-9° C

La Blonde
Our tasty and refreshing blonde beer is a fresh, delicious beverage for any time of day.
Serve chilled at 6-7° C


When you cross the threshold of Daniel’s store, Les Secrets du Goût (“the secrets of taste”) on Rue de l’Oratoire, your senses will come alive : sight, smell, and taste (with free samples), all courtesy of the enthusiastic, expert owner.


The Confiserie Florian has officially opened its brand-new, trendy premises, a veritable wonderland for sweets lovers: the “Boutique du Chocolat,” just 20 meters from the entrance to the Florian candy factory in Pont-du-Loup.
Inside, visitors are welcomed by a fascinating museum area, with a large mural explaining the history of chocolate and depicting the various processing stages, from cocoa farming to preparation of the final product.