L’Amour du Bois

Jean-Pierre Boselli, a native of Grasse, the son and grandson of perfume-plants producers, grew up in the world of flowers and fragrance, which naturally forged his ultimate artistic propensities.

Wood, a material second nature to him, was a way for him to combine his two passions, perfume and wood, following an inspiring television program on bottles.


Visit of the showroom, sale of paintings, drawings, India ink and books written by the artist.
Note that this space is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The exhibition space presents the paintings of Karine Van de Velde whose theme is resolutely orientalist.
Visitors will be able to leave for an exotic journey in his world of painter and writer.

The artist:


From scrap (iron, metal, steel, plastic ...) recovered from individuals, craftsmen, farmers, industrial waste collectors, I create contemporary sculptures (especially zoomorphic).

My works are of various sizes (pocket to monumental!), Both for the interior and exterior (the paints used are body paints or anti-rust, varnishes of Rustol).

The recovery of materials (old tools, obsolete stocks ...) was essential for my first sculptures in a concern of economies and reduction of the costs.

Villa Noailles

A venerable, three-hectare olive grove with a country house and spring. Here, in the rolling Grasse countryside, is where Charles de Noailles, a lover of art and botany, began creating these gardens in 1947, nurturing them until the end of his life.

The spring and sloping land made it possible for him to create some twenty pools, fountains, and channels, taking the water everywhere the visitor goes, soothing guests with its gentle murmur.

Domaine St Jacques du Couloubrier

The Saint-Jacques du Couloubrier estate, considered as a reference for
typical Grasse landscape, whose original owners of the 1870s, the Amics were a perfume trader, followed by Jean PROVOST, owner of the northern fillies and founder of the Paris-Match press group, who made the estate an agricultural property dedicated to perfume, to the olive grove and vineyard but also home of
reception. He will have the garden landscaped in 1940 by Russel PAGES, English landscape internationally renowned and whose Domaine Saint-Jacques du Couloubrier is one of his finest works.

Théâtre De Grasse

It is an artistic season full of constraints that promises to be, because of the works programmed at the theater of Grasse from September 2017 to March 2018.

For the safety and comfort of the spectators, the theater has a facelift to quickly become the place of welcome and emotions that we hold so much.

Fragonard museum

The Fragonard Museum is set within the Hôtel de Villeneuve, a magnificent historic building that has reclaimed its original luster of a grand 18th-century Grasse mansion.

Dedicated to Grasse’s most famous son, painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806), the museum displays over a dozen major works by this great artist.

It also houses a collection of paintings of two other Grasse artists, Marguerite Gérard (1761-1837) and Jean-Baptiste Mallet (1759-1835).

Fragonard Villa Museum

This elegant, late-17th century country manor, boasting a magnificent garden, houses the works of the famous Grasse painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard and his descendants.

This gallant champion of love painted four beautiful scenes entitled The Progress of Love for Comtesse du Barry, the King’s mistress.

Today, replicas of these beautiful paintings adorn the salons of the museum.