Le Tignet

Set at the westernmost edge of the department of the Alpes-Maritimes, Le Tignet lies along the Siagne River, which separates the village from the department of the Var. In an exceptional natural setting and superbly situated on the “Balcony of the French Riviera” some 600 meters above the Colle Basse, this small Provencal village has, for more than thirty years, been a magnet for serenity-seekers the world over.

The unobtrusive old village, clustered around the old Saint-Hilaire church, overlooks a majestic landscape spreading from Saint Cassien Lake westward to Grasse and southward to the Lérins Islands in the sea just beyond Cannes.

You’ll not find a village centre, as the city developed in atypical fashion and has, in fact, three “centres”: the old village, the shopping centre, and Istre, Le Tignet’s civic and administrative heart, site of the town hall, fire and rescue centre, and schools.

The shopping centre was logically erected along the main road between Draguignan and Grasse, and the new Saint Jean Cassien church was recently built at the foot of Flaquier hill.

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