lou pais canyoning

Aquatic hike
Discovering an environment that combines beauty and nature in a pure state.
Water, rock and sun.
An activity accessible to all and in complete safety.
At the sources of life!

The activity is practiced in the Alpes-Maritimes and more particularly in the valley of Loup and Estéron.

All levels :
Level 1: Initiation half day accessible to all
Level 2: A day accessible to all
Level 3: A day for someone who has already practiced
Level 4: Canyon of very high technical level only for person confirmed on one or more days

Who can practice:
Any adult, children from 10 years old.
For the youngest to consult us.

Takeaway equipment:
Swimwear, sneakers and socks, camera or video recommended for your memories.

Open from April to October.

Via Souterra
The Via Ferrata Underground: * A WORLD FIRST * which allows to discover two activities at the same time: Via Ferrata and speleology.

Combining beauty and sensations in a discovery of nature in its purest form.
A rise in time and history of our land.
The activity is practiced at the Parc de la Moulière in the town of Caille (Alpes Maritimes).

Descent to 45 meters deep. Crossing two bridges of monkeys and a footbridge and sports lift on 15 meters, all complemented by numerous concretions of stalactites and stalagmites. (Length 350 meters)

Who can practice:
Any adult, children from 8 years old.
The children must be 1.35 meters tall.
Takeaway equipment:
Sweater, boots or walking shoes, camera or video for your memories, as well as a good pair of gloves.

Material provided:
Combination, helmet with headlamp, harness with specific lanyard via underground.

Open all year except special weather conditions.

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To go there :

Parc de la Moulière
06750 CAILLE
+33 (0)4 93 60 34 51

Canyoning, Rural

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Carte / Géolocalisation

43.756030990225, 6.7613554000854

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