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Jean de Galimard, Lord of Seranon, a relative of the Count of Thorenc, lived in Grasse where he founded the Parfumerie Galimard in 1747. 
As a founder of the Glovers and Perfumers guild, Jean was a supplier to the court of King Louis of France, “the Beloved,” furnishing the court with olive oil, pomades, and perfumes, for which he developed the first formulas. 

For over 264 years, Parfumerie Galimard has been honoring the same traditions as its renowned founder and currently uses the very processes which made its name famous. 
As a fragrance designer, born of the purest French tradition, Galimard has managed to remain a family- owned company, where the methods and materials of yesteryear are the source of contemporary creativity. 

We cordially invite you to discover the secrets of perfume and how it is made during a free guided tour of our factory in Grasse. 

Free guided tours - 365 days a year 

Our entertaining and enjoyable tours are open to everyone, all day long, with or without reservations, 365 days a year, for groups and individuals. 

Visit our traditional factory in the perfume capital of the world: With the expert guidance of our hostesses, you will discover our magnificent collection of museum pieces, as well as our antique production equipment. 
The tour will lead you through our laboratory and processing and packaging rooms, tracing the origins of perfume from the raw material to the shelf. You will enjoy thorough explanations of the extraction methods for aromatic raw materials, flowers, plants, and aromatic woods. 

You will also discover the “organ”, the workbench of the perfume composer, called the “Nose,” where you will learn a few professional secrets. Being introduced to the perfumer’s magnificent palette is an opportunity to learn about the precious materials used in our perfumes and to uncover your olfactory personality. 

At the end of the tour, you will have the chance to visit our shop, where you can sample and purchase our quality product lines at factory prices. Select from perfumes and eaux de toilette, eaux de cologne, soaps, cosmetics, sachets, bath products, gift ideas, and more. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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