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Mairie de Pégomas
169 avenue de Grasse
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The story of Pégomas is the story of mimosa! The Siagne River crosses the town: On its right bank are the foothills of the Tanneron, which are carpeted in gold come midwinter, when the mimosa trees come into bloom; on the left bank, a plain crossed by La Mourachonne River, where the hills of the Pays de Grasse begin. It was here on this plain that Pégomas was built in the 16th century by Italian families, who planted olive trees, vineyards, and fruit trees, bringing, too, their vast expertise in growing aromatic plants, such as mimosa.
To this day, when winter chills the air, the hills are covered with these sunny yellow flowers, perfuming the entire region with their fragrance. Pégomas is one of the stops along the Route d’Or and the Route du Mimosa, two itineraries developed to honor and discover this flower.

Must-see sights:

- La Route du Mimosa: Along the mimosa scenic itinerary, La Route du Mimosa, at kilometer 115, is Pégomas, the next-to-last stop, where mimosa is honored every winter. Each year, the “Bal du Mimosa” officially kicks off the season, offering visitors a dinner followed by a ball. This period is exceptional for hiking, providing a remarkable experience for the eyes and nose. The taste buds, too, can enjoy this plant: Make sure to try the “mimosette” pastry specialty created in Pégomas and available only during the mimosa season.

- Saint Pierre church: Although Pégomas’ church was built during the first Romanesque period, as evidenced by the fragment of transept, the only remaining vestige of the time, the current structure dates from the 18th century. The church houses a painting from the Napoleonic era depicting Saint Peter healing a paralytic. There are also two 18th century statues in gilded polychrome wood: Saint Peter on one side and the Virgin Mary on the other.

- Le Chemin de l’Ecluse: This walk from Pégomas continues all the way to Auribeau-sur-Siagne, running along the banks of the Siagne. The trail can be found by taking the road leading to the Restaurant de l’Ecluse at the roundabout by the Pégomas stadium. The riverbanks are a verdant paradise of trees and flowers, an ideal spot for fishermen and families, with a playground, picnic grounds, and a relaxation area.


- Hiking and walking in the Tanneron hills
- Fishing in the Siagne River
- Visits to mimosa growers/hothouses
- La Route d’Or (mimosa sightseeing)
- La Route du Mimosa (mimosa sightseeing)

Key annual events:

In January: Mimosa festival (Fête du Mimosa)
In June: National music festival (Fête de la Musique)


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