Point d’Information Tourisme
169 avenue de Grasse
06580 Pégomas
Tél : +33 (0)4 92 60 20 70

A few miles from the sea, between the Esterel and Tanneron mountain ranges, amidst the forests and plains of Cannes, Grasse, Auribeau, Mouans-Sartoux and La Roquette-sur-Siagne, covering more than 1000 hectares, lies the village of Pégomas.

Its name comes from "Pégomacium," where "pegue" means ”pitch” or “glue” in Provencal dialect. Its coat of arms, however, was designated entirely at random: When the Edict of 1696 was proclaimed, the town council did not arrive in time to present its chosen emblem to the France General Armorial Guard, and so the Guard granted its own choice of design to the town... it was thus that Pégomas received an elephant as its coat of arms.

The village is blessed with a very mild climate and exceptional sunlight, which makes the mimosa flower the town’s natural ambassador. A cherished plant for more than a century, bright yellow mimosa trees cover the hillsides and draw visitors from around the world in the winter.

In Pégomas, because this flower enchants so many with its colour and perfume, it is cultivated, cared for, and honoured. In late January, fantastic costumes, floats and bands form a parade to celebrate the first flowers of the year.

Pégomas is well-deserving of its reputation as a relaxing and colourful vacation spot, but one should stop and stay for a time to truly appreciate its beautiful atmosphere and all the colour, fragrance, and culture it has to offer.

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