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Mairie d’Escragnolles
Le Village
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Escragnolles, a village in the foothills of the Alps above Grasse, stretches across the hillsides just below the famed Route Napoléon, among poplars and cherry trees. It is a place for those who love the peace and beauty of nature. The many streams and springs make it a fisherman’s paradise, and it is an excellent place to search for fossils. The main street is lined with gray houses brightened with lavender-blue shutters and a few exquisite stone facades; there is, too, a small square shaded by linden trees, just by the church. Having been occupied since prehistoric times, the area boasts many ancient ruins, such as the Dolmen des Claps or the dry-stone fortifications of the Oppidum de Cogolin.

Must-see sights:

- Saint Martin chapel: The Saint Martin chapel, just 15 minutes from the hamlet of Colette, can be reached on foot by taking the original (stone and earth) Route Napoleon, the one followed by the Emperor himself on March 2, 1815. This particularly well-preserved path is lined by imposing pines and many classic Provençal plants, like thyme and rosemary. The Saint Martin chapel, most likely built in the 16th century, is still standing today at the foot of the Saint Martin promontory.


- Hiking
- Mountain biking

Key annual events:

In June: Fête aux Ânes (Donkey Festival)


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