Mairie d’Escragnolles
Le Village
06460 Escragnolles
Tél : +33 (0)4 93 09 29 09

Set on the true Route Napoleon between Grasse and Castellane.

Escragnolles is 64 kilometres from Nice, 47 from Cannes, and 17 from Saint-Vallier de Thiey. At an altitude of nearly 3300 feet, it spreads across the rugged terrain between the mountain of Signal de Canaux and the Valferrière Pass, culminating at the Signal d’Andon.

- Its southern section is covered by the Briasq forest, and plummets dramatically from the 1141-meter peak of the Baou Mourine down to the gorges of the Siagne River, following the water’s path to where it merges with the Siagne de la Pare.

- The ancient houses of the village stretch along the Route Napoleon. Escragnolles is a site inhabited since pre-history, bearing the oppida of the chateau of Conrouan, Josépin, the Colette, the Castellas, the Cavallet, the Collet des Pins de Rouyère, and Domen de la Colette..

- An important Roman colony known as « Sclanola » in 1196, « Scagnola » was the fief of several successive seigniories, then of Robert of Escragnolles. The region was repopulated in the 15th century by Ligurian farmers, “Les Figouns.” The village itself was created in 1565 by the emigration of part of the overpopulation of Mons (in the neighbouring department of the Var). Napoleon camped in Escragnolles in 1815.

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