Le Mas

Mairie du Mas
16, Route de Saint-Auban
06910 Le Mas
Tel : +33(0)4 93 60 40 29

Le Mas was originally a medieval seigneury. The land once belonged to the Grimaldis of Beuil, then the Grasse-Bar family, who built a castle here in the 15th century, of which some vestiges remain. Le Mas has a wonderful southern exposure, consisting of just a few old stone houses set in pristine natural surroundings (2,400 hectares of forest).
What a pleasure to stroll through its stair-stepped streets, breathing in the fresh, clean air!

Must-see sights:
− Notre Dame church. In the Middle Ages, the Notre Dame church was an important pilgrimage site, with devout travelers coming from all over the country to honor the relic of the head of Saint Arnoux and a bone fragment from one of his arms. North of the building, numerous Roman tile shards attest to the past presence of a Gallo-Roman-era settlement.

− Seigniorial chateau. The Le Mas chateau, today privately owned, is a typical Provencal residence. The date of 1742 engraved on the pediment of the main entrance makes it possible to pinpoint the time the chateau was built. The history of castles and chateaux in Le Mas is not limited to this edifice, as the ruins of a medieval fortress can be found on the rocky peak above the current chateau.

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