Mairie de Collongues
Place du Château
06910 Collongues
Tel : +33(0)4 83 93 60 04

Collongues is a pretty Provençal village deep in the Le Chanan Valley, surrounded by vales of abundant natural beauty.

Our village, 72 kilometers from Grasse and 83 kilometers from Nice, has just 101 inhabitants. The average altitude is 650 meters and the village is built on a rocky spur facing Maumal mountain, overlooking the entire valley of Le Riou all the way to the Estéron River.

There are many delightful walks to be enjoyed around our village, an overture to exploring the enchanting symphony of surrounding landscapes that change with the seasons. You can pick ripe strawberries in the woods come midsummer, splash in the numerous refreshing streams and rivers, bask in the sun, enjoy fishing, hunting, mountain biking, hiking, and more.

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