Les Mujouls

Mairie de Les Mujouls
1 Place Noël Rainéro
06910 Les Mujouls
Tel : +33(0)4 93 05 80 62

Surrounded by pine forests and unspoiled nature, the small village of Les Mujouls, perched on a rocky peak, has barely a dozen houses. From the village, take in a superb panorama of Charamel mountain and the nearby narrow gorges, known as clues. There is no shortage of options for hiking in the forests or along the Estéron River, each a chance to explore the village’s surroundings from a new perspective.

Must-see sights:
− La Clue des Mujouls: This narrow river gorge boasts a canyoning route that is not particularly difficult other than having substantial water flow. The route, following the beautiful Estéron River Valley, is a chance to explore a unique site encircled by impressive natural walls. Midway along the route, large, tufa-covered cascades offer a spectacle of rare beauty. This half-day outing, including the treks in and out, promises to be a memorable experience in the Estéron Valley. Authorized from April to October.

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