Mairie d’Amirat
06910 Amirat
Tel : +33(0)4 93 05 80 55

This village, set on the southern slope of a hill, offers a dramatic view over the Upper Estéron River Valley.
Amirat is tucked away in the verdant hills on the edge of the Alpes de Haute Provence department, surrounded by vast forests.
It is a small, peaceful village encompassing three neighborhoods that stretch along a cul-de-sac: Les Agots, featuring a chateau, a 17th-century church, and a traveler’s lodge; the lush Piedagou quarter; and Amirat village, home to the town hall and a beautiful town square.
Villages, churches, and chapels recount the history of our mountains, and every village has stories to tell, written upon the ancient walls.
Churches stand with their villages as the pages of history turn, and chapels and wayside shrines line roads both old and new, protecting the inhabitants, travelers, and livestock from epidemics and other disasters.

The processions of patron-saint festivals are, too, are a facet of history in their own way. Village residents solemnly carry the bust of the patron saint, one connected to the parish church or former church in the abandoned village. In this modest, parochial pilgrimage, once known as the romérage, the inhabitants, gathered at the oldest place of community worship, relive a history in which the village, the church, and the saint are inextricably linked, a history that is, quite simply, that of the village itself.

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