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Jewels & Perfumes - Poem Stones
by Olivier DURBANO...

As a child, our family fields were already such a rare playground, unusual and magical, from May roses to Jasmine bushes, a few grapevines, and eventually
the little pebbles I gathered. Fields, bundles of flowers and vials too, orange blossom, violet, tuberose, mimosa ..

From Grasse to Cannes, from the land of Perfume to the sea sprays of the Mediterranean, perfumes in the air, a passion for Stones from the age of four, architecture studies, going where the wind wills, and in 2004, this wild idea of creating fragrances inspired by Stone, its legends and symbolic contents, Evidence of Day- dreaming, Creating and Manufacturing my Perfumes in Grasse…
Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Jade, Turquoise, Pink Quartz, Citrine, Heliotrope, Lapis Philosophorum, Prométhée, Chrysolithe, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, « Pyrit Ana tra »…

From stone to stone, experience to experience, on the road to Scents of Incenses...

Pierres Poèmes, Poem Stones, for the Soul of Things, Pebbles and Beings, Energies, Words, Intentions, Scents, Images and Deeds...

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