The Pays de Grasse, a land of history, heritage, and culture...

In an enchanting and preserved setting, with a dreamily mild climate, the many villages of the Pays de Grasse beckon you to wander the mazes of their narrow, picturesque lanes lined with a unique blend of Genoese and Provençal architecture.
Grasse, one of France’s Cities of Art & History (Ville d’Art et d’Histoire), is a treasure trove of multifaceted façades and balconies,
an invitation to meander, observe, and imagine.
The city’s fountains, like its flowers, are deeply rooted in the history of Grasse, monuments of an extraordinary heritage lining the narrow streets
leading to the Cathedral, an edifice that itself merits an unhurried visit.

Grasse, ville d'Art et d'Histoire

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